40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger



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Title: 40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger

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Added on: December 5th, 2013

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  1. By: nicholas cremato

    Coconut oil is the best oil for the human body. Canola oil is a poison in
    the body and is really motor oil. It was originally called Canada oil and
    is made from rapeseed.

  2. By: NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus

    His voice is so annoying..

  3. By: jugifu

    Can you say monoslavik grunt?

  4. By: durianriders

    Jay Dinshah set up a great foundation. Unfortunately his high fried dietary
    intake didnt help his arteries. Fried vegan food is still full of trans
    fats from the frying process. Jay Dinshah wasnt obese but you can clearly
    see he has excess body fat which always translates to decreased
    cardiovascular health longterm.

    Combine that with 30 years eating an animal based diet and then going fried
    high fat vegan diet, you aint gonna be reversing heart disease like many
    have done following a HIGH CARB low fat (under 10% yearly calories) vegan
    diet like Dr Esselstyn and Dr Ornish have publish clinical findings from.

  5. By: nicholas cremato

    The strange thing is that the “mediterranean diet” is a secret and is not
    included in any book or study. Not even in books on the diet itself. The
    diet is part of the Greek orthodox faith and not mentioned in any book
    except one on the practical theology of the Greeks.

  6. By: Enuf Alrdy

    I’d like to see some studies done on raw vegans, preferably organic only
    eaters and also a study on those who grow more of their own veggies at

  7. By: IResonateWithU

    Dr Greger rocks. Only doctor (other than Barnard or Mc Dougall) I would
    trust with my health.

  8. By: Bb Nevarez

    I think the guy is funny at times lol. Great speaker and great information
    for any1 and evry1

  9. By: Thesis125

    I was just asked about how vegans get taurine(amino acid). Can you list
    ways a vegan would get this amino acid. I know the body makes taurine at
    some levels but i dont know if that sufficent enough. Also can you go into
    why coconut oil is bad. I was told that it has great benefits and I also
    heard like nick cremato(in the comment below) said that canola oil and
    vegetable oil is no good for the body.

  10. By: MonkeyPrinciples

    I cant help but wonder – does this current information render all or most
    of the past wonder claims made for vegan and vegetarian diets as
    bullshit…? If so, then what were the motivating factors for any false
    claims made in the past…? 

  11. By: HydroSticky

    im not even really paying attention to this video BUT you are dumb is you
    say vegans are wrong because we all should be all 100% fully raw organic

  12. By: GrenadeChick99

    I think it is mean that a few people are complaining about his voice. tsk
    tsk! Take a closer look! If Jerry Seinfeld and George Castanza had a baby?
    You see where I’m going with this? Yep!

  13. By: Duncan Barker

    wtf is wrong with this gus voice

  14. By: Larry Ogden

    Even the Bible talks about killing the fated calf for feasts……The Bible
    is also tells us what to eat and not eat !!! Animals with cloven hoofs and
    chew their cud are healthy to eat by God’s design. However;grass fed,
    open range cows , sheep and deer are the only healthy sources !!

  15. By: Vitaly Zubkov

    real big argument for Paleo this is what I heard.
    the guy is plain useless when talking about saturated fats though. like
    matabolist doesn’t exist…
    I wonder how he’s going to digest protein in green leaves w/o the extra
    stomach and special bacteria )))

  16. By: Stan Rodgers

    With the study of the 7th Day Adventists compared to a general population,
    right? That is compare a group highly motivated to be healthy to a group
    that includes smokers, drinkers and Walmart shoppers. Inspite of the huge
    disadvantage to the non vegetarian group they still win. Just imagine if
    you compared the 7th day vegetarian group to a health conscious paleo diet
    exercising group, we’d kill the statistics!

  17. By: Olivia Love Worthy

    Despite the fact that this is contrary to so many other health gurus who
    also use scientific studies, I trust Dr. Greger the most; he studies new
    research every day, no one else is as dedicated to that as he is.

  18. By: Yeah_Sure

    Wow… a vegan died and now people who are opposed to veganism anyway, will
    try and use this event as a reason to “prove” veganism and discredit its
    Now… everybody dies… and a vegan’s death may no tbe atributed to
    lifestyle-factors… ever thought of the fact that there could be a genetic
    cause or other preordained reasons or just the fact that some people live
    short lives and others live long lives with NO fathomable reasons.
    A vegan will certainly, unlike people who eat junkfood, smokers or
    drug-users, NEVER die of the “causes” of veganism.
    “A woman with a blue hair-rinse got run over by a bus today…” This is not
    a newsworthy event and does not mean that every person with a blue rinse
    die by getting run over by a bus.
    Dying and veganism have NO correlation what-so-ever.

  19. By: arey01f

    This info is out dated, vegans and veggie have come a long way in what
    should be eaten. And this video is part of the long way. People may try to
    use this info for antiveganism but what he is saying is that the vegan diet
    needs certain foods included to be more healthy. Also just cause you don’t
    eat meat doesn’t mean your healthy, eat a pack of donuts a day and see
    where your health will be. Natuaral based diets are what keeps us healthy.

  20. By: GrenadeChick99

    Raw vegan is fine! Good nutrition. But most vegans I know are
    carb-centric, overweight and even obese. Their diets are still very
    processed and the chemical additives are many. All the vegans in my family
    fit this description. I wish I could get them to take a closer look at
    videos such as this. Obese and malnourished. Breaks my heart.

  21. By: Maurice Chandelier

    All things in moderation. A bit of grass-fed beef or wild bison, and plain
    organic yogurt will NOT hurt you. Stay away from soy (it’s GMOd and
    estrogenates males) and Exercise Daily (45 minutes of cardio, stretching +

  22. By: jaquen1977

    +Skylar Ruloff actually the “magical bible” clearly has Adam and Eve as
    vegans, having been commanded to eat of any plant in the Garden of Eve.
    There is no mention of animals being created solely for food, or food at
    all, during the creation account in said “magical bible”. Meat eating,
    biblically, did not happen until after the fall of Man and the expulsion
    from the Garden, clearly as a sign of a disruption of the intended state of
    human beings. If you’re going to be haughty and arrogant the least you can
    do is actually accurate blast what that “magical bible” says.

  23. By: Chris Shaskin

    I’m posting this everywhere I can think of, because the mainstream media
    has buried it. Sweden has gone Gary Taubes! High Fat, Low Carb is now
    official Swedish Health Advice. They have declared bacon, cream and cheese
    to be safe. And that there is no danger in eating saturated fat; it may be
    protective. The world is about to change. First we take Stockholm, then
    we take Berlin. Watch the multinationals do their counter attack. They
    make a lot of money selling industrial substances that masquerade as food.
    It’s about to get interesting. Gary Taubes for the Nobel Peace Prize! By
    the way, I like Michael Greger. 

  24. By: CIWS

    Speaker seems to have attended the Captain Kirk school of public speaking.
    Also @ 6:58, in video titles, it’s Meat eaters, not Meet eaters. Unless of
    course they’re referencing cannibals who consume the people coming to their

  25. By: positivedennis

    Folks, I suggest that you watch the whole video before you comment on it.
    This presentation, being 10 years old, is obsolete in some ways. But as an
    omnivore I found this a good presentation. 


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