Being a Vegan : How to Read Food Labels as a Vegan



Learn tips on how to read the labels on food products if you are on a vegan diet in thisfree how-to video on being a vegan and living healthy. Expert: Robert Cheeke Contact: Bio: Robert Cheeke is president and founder of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. He is a champion bodybuilder, speaker, and one of VegNews Magazines 15 most influential vegan athletes in the world. Filmmaker: Jon Collins
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Title: Being a Vegan : How to Read Food Labels as a Vegan

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  1. By: coconutwalrus139

    Is… is that supposed to be funny?

  2. By: tinyfairycake

    ok so this is just a simply question, no judgment of anything involved so if u sense any hostility in the way i phrased this question please note it didn’t meant it to be there :) … so why is honey not vegan? because even though it’s made by bees its not actually made out of bees… do vegans not eat honey because its meant to feed bees and people steel like and replace it with sugar, so vegans classify it as cruelty and therefore don’t eat honey? just wondering

  3. By: xNicolexCullenx

    I am just about positive that being vegan includes no meat of any kind… If you eat meant, you’re not a vegan, just a healthy meat-eater.

  4. By: BiohazardBunney

    I like sugar. It’s a plant, so I eat it :D gluten, carbs, sugars and salts, we can eat em and we are still healthy

  5. By: EmoIssues

    I hope you realize being a vegan/vegetarian is a choice. If you don’t want to make that choice then don’t, but don’t pull up videos you know you disagree with and troll in the comments. That just makes you a stupid attention whore.

  6. By: ihaveairlockers

    As a strict vegan myself, I find the best way to stay healthy is to exercise actively at least 2 hours every day, drink lots of water and eat plenty of nutritious plants, nuts and green vegetables and fruit.
    But also, to stay healthy I make sure I consume healthy quantities of Whale Beef, Bovine beef, lamb, chicken, fish, crastaceans, rein deer, pork, moose, duck, eggs, birds, kangaroo meat, rabbits and other healthy protein sources. I also drink lots of milk for bone density and health. :o )

  7. By: ihaveairlockers

    Veganism is cultist because “It excludes other ways of thinking and depresses alternative opinion”.
    I don’t need to attack vegans, they get automatic hate from most regular members of society as it is. They don’t need me to attack them.
    I represent 99.9% of the earth’s population because I am a meat eater, just like 99.9% of the earth’s population.
    And I am ignorant ? That’s a common word on youtube. If you think so, yeah, i am ignorant.
    Whatever makes your bell ring…..

  8. By: Joshie Matthews

    I’m vegan and nobody I know hates me. It’s NOT a religion. There’s no god. You obviously know NOTHING about veganism.

  9. By: xTrappedUnderIcex

    I’m not vegan. You’re just stupid. 

  10. By: ihaveairlockers

    Yes I totally agree with you…. Most people hate vegans because they are seen as twisted and distorted socially. Besides that, the vast majority of the earth’s population laugh at vegans for being so silly as to not eat meat. It’s really funny when vegans lash-out and attack meat eaters and accuse them of not being educated and obviously supporting animal cruelty. Yes, I agree, veganism is a cultist religion made up of laughable folks with twisted/misguided motives.
    It’s funny… :o )

  11. By: xTrappedUnderIcex

    99.9 % of the world’s population? I think you mean your incredibly stupid self, your incompetent family, and friends.

    I doubt you can even fathom “99.9″ percent of the earth’s population.

    Don’t use words that are beyond your understanding, you dimwit.

  12. By: ihaveairlockers

    I agree with you that it is good to eat healthy meat types in a balanced intake of food.
    The best thing is to not just eat one type of meat, but to vary it. Fish is always a good thing to eat, I usually try for 2-3 times a week. Here in Norway we are lucky, because we can get free access to many tasty juicy meats, such as Moose, Whale, Seal, Reindeer, Deer, Crustaceans, Birds, Eggs, Lamb, Beef, Chicken and even imported Kangaroo.
    Cook Kangaroo on high, then let it rest, serve warm, medium rare

  13. By: ihaveairlockers

    As soon as a Vegan uses word combinations like “rotting corpses”, then you know they have been brain-washed and are just sheep following a cultist religion.

    99.9 % of the world’s population hates vegans. I wonder why ??

  14. By: sugarmercy

    The fact that you think your described diet is healthy speaks again to your ignorance. What about health are we foregoing, exactly? I’m positive that I am an extremely healthy individual, my diet lacking in neither protein, amino acids, nor nutritional value. It is however lacking of rotting corpses. And your pointing out that vegans are a minority group does not discern anything other than that our choices are not reflective of the choices of mainstream society.

  15. By: ihaveairlockers

    When wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, corn and other grains are harvested, 1000′s of small animals die.
    Vegans are directly responsible for their deaths….

    Imaging being a 2 faced anal retentive metro-sexual plant eater !

    A Vegan looks at an apple then spends 2 days trying to discover if he/she is allowed to eat it.

    Kill and animal and eat it !!

    7 days without Beef makes 1 Weak.

  16. By: ihaveairlockers

    Yes, I totally agree with you about veganism being a cultist religion. They forego health to prove a point.
    It’s true most vegans have never killed an animal.
    Here in Norway we have a balanced and healthy diet of Whale, Seal, Birds, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean, Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Rein Deer, Deer, Moose and wholesome vegetables and fruits.

    I’m with you mate, I agree that it’s great the vegans are only a tiny fraction of 1% of the earth’s population. Most people are more wise :o )

  17. By: sugarmercy

    wow, you are everything that’s wrong with this planet. Devoid of compassion, judgemental, condescending and grossly misinformed.

    Sucks to be you.

  18. By: ihaveairlockers

    I wonder what the rate of suicide in the vegan religion is like ? I bet it’s high.

    Eat meat you idiots. Kill an animal and eat it !

    This guy’s a metro-sexual Peta Sea Shepherd supporter.

  19. By: kimberlily1983

    Because we believe in living our lives without exploiting animals, as much as possible. Bees are intelligent, have many nerve endings throughout their bodies and can feel pain, and the way they are treated in the honey industry is cruel and inhumane.

    If you love honey, try agave nectar. We have the amber kind. It tastes almost exactly the same as honey, and is slightly less thick. Use any way you’d use honey. :)

  20. By: bookworm13130

    i think there is something like clover stuff but idk

  21. By: MikeLockard

    crap food.

  22. By: beatriz0607

    some do. most don’t, honey is prodeced by bees sometime the bee dies for us to get the honey.

  23. By: CandieReign

    Why can’t Vegans eat honey?

  24. By: C8Shay

    gelatin, casein, “lacto”=milk

  25. By: TheTofudNetwork

    Agave nectar :3


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