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This is a video of Congressman Dennis Kucinich discussing part of the reasons he is a vegan. This video was made when he was still running for president. He would have made an incredible president. And I don’t say this because he is a vegan. I agree with him on every position he takes. He is one of the few politicians with integrity.
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Title: Dennis Kucinich-Vegan

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  1. By: morgained4

    I don’t recall that he said anything about dictating food choices, if you actually watched, he was discussing sharing information with people. HUGE difference, and a lot of people don’t have accurate information -or access to accurate information- regarding food/healthy food. Many people know what’s unhealthy, but are unsure about what is healthy. Providing accurate information, and access is providing choice. When agri-business hides information, they’re preventing choice.

  2. By: BarbieBiitch420

    I completely agree. 

  3. By: HelpStopAnimalAbuses

    Dennis will be missed, I hope his political career is not over now! After rewriting the boundaries he didnt get the votes needed to continue as congressman. He recently ran for president too. Dennis is a great guy, Vegan (for animal rights) which also helps our health care system (ie: heart disease) environment and even to reduce world hunger – look up Factory Farm – videos! He will be missed, what a nice rolemodel.

  4. By: blackman666ful

    Who cares about pesticides and all the talk about organic this and organic that.See,the truth is that it would be virtually imposible to meet the demand and feed a city of raw vegans.Everyone would have to go back to growing there own food,life expectancy will increase-which wouldn’t be good for the population control agenda.If the food grows it’s alive and what people want to put into their body’s is life.I have never eaten organic and I dramatically improved my health.Higher cost cut demand.

  5. By: zekbss

    im not from the US, but Ive seen many of his videos, and reaserched a bit, and I think your country should have a president like him.. At least he is against war..

  6. By: realgodischucknorris

    They just feel dictated to because common sense tells them we’re right. We don’t have to dictate to them, their conscience does, whether they listen to it, or accuse us of being forceful is up to them.


    So now you stopped liking him because he chooses not to eat meat? What if he doesn’t drink coffee? Does that make you like him even less?

    He’s not dictating anyone anything.

  8. By: TheSienna29

    I heard Mr Kucinich is moving to my home state of Washington. We welcome you with open arms!


    You can’t? You should look into the average meat consumption of Americans per year and their ecological footprint. Now look up the same footprint for a vegetarian or vegan. There’s nothing wrong with saying to people “Get a fucking grip, eat healthy and with moderation”. Because we both know that the Western meat consumption is far beyond “moderate”.

  10. By: MrVegan4ever

    Rich and Happy IncognitoShhh, your comment is appreciated. (watch your step)

  11. By: IncognitoShhh

    - that is NOT the only reason people choose vegan-ism and who are you to comment on behalf of all vegans? if the environment where safe to consume meat many would – as evolutionarily we have evolved as omnivores and man has a hunter instinct to this day. why is it that you need to encapsulate everyone’s view within your own. can’t you just speak for yourself? I believe the point being made in this video is the exact impact it has had on this mans life. nothing more

  12. By: IncognitoShhh

    - you poor sad person. I actually think he is distinctively different from every other SOLD OUT politician in your screwed up country. electing this guy could go a long way to re-establishing americas credibility in the world. he might also lean the tables back to a more “socially just” place for the average american. free education (to university) is essential, free health care is essential. people are warned against using american doctors when we travel to your country

  13. By: id1337x

    If you look at every carnivore in nature, they rest more because of how taxing digesting meat is, so if you are vegan you won’t need to sleep as much! Plus all the other things Dennis said.

  14. By: MrVegan4ever

    Your reply is appreciated.

  15. By: TheVeganHere

    First off let me say I love the name you chose. And obviously I respect you. Regarding your saying “They’re all the same shit. “, well I can not disagree more. With that attitude nothing can ever change. Also someone like Dennis can never be President because no one thinks someone with his integrity could ever be voted in. I believe you probably haven’t really done much research on who Dennis is and what he stands for. If you did I believe you would admire him as much as I do.

  16. By: MrVegan4ever

    Promises, promises and more promises. They’re all the same shit. At least, this one is a Vegan.

  17. By: peacerebelgirl

    The intelligence of Veganism! 

  18. By: TheVeganHere

    Well being a vegan is an ethical stance so you can’t do that in moderation. The position is that using or killing a another living animal is wrong. Every living creature has the right to live without misery. One being is not more entitled than the other.

  19. By: Hello59239

    Ugh. I liked this guy, but I really am different on this one. Everything’s fine in moderation, and you can’t dictate food choices to Americans. We’re not all vegan.

  20. By: normalguyable


  21. By: AquaStar0

    All they could come up with is that he’s a rabbit? All veggies/vegans hear that everyday, how can it be funny the one millionth time around? Also, me and my husband are of similar age difference. It’s not that unusual. Consenting adults make adult choices.
    I wish that our president were vegan.

  22. By: starfaery

    He’s a vegan? How ironic.

  23. By: yourpurplecookie182

    I love Dennis Kucinich.

  24. By: fatchan

    Most people fear and loathe vegans so it isn’t in his best interest to state in public that he is one. I think he knew that it would hurt his chances but he was being honest. I think he’s great.

  25. By: ShroedingerWatcher

    “So Dennis was forced, bribed or just is part of the mystery system?”

    Lets say he is vegan, why didn’t he get in? Because he would affect business, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical. Its really not that hard to realize is it.

    Or, why wouldn’t he be vegan? Well I always thought “They wouldn’t even le them near the candidate seats unless they wanted a crowd’s attention. And they obviously wanted attention. But like I said he is or isn’t, makes no difference to me.


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