Dr. Robert Cassar Earth Shift Adventure Chi Breathing Exercise



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Title: Dr. Robert Cassar Earth Shift Adventure Chi Breathing Exercise

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Category: Vegan Nutrition

Added on: September 8th, 2012

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  1. By: tadariusme

    YOUR a GOD, THANKS ill BE BACK SUNNY AND RAW thanks to YOUR Light decodes from your SOUL to mine

  2. By: sircharles4119

    Last time I checked there was tons of radiation in Hawaii…Did we forget Fukushima?

  3. By: pursuitofhealth

    Haha! A fun Hawaiian adventure! I was glad to be there.

  4. By: luminusAntic

    around 20:20 there is some ghost entity floating around by them,

  5. By: Emil652

    why doesnt dr cassar have any body or facial hair?

  6. By: mobetterpown

    Wow you guys know how to have fun!

  7. By: mobetterpown

    Brilliant man

  8. By: ghodium

    unnecessary wasteful human-arrogant use of planetary resources

  9. By: ghodium

    baking soda, isn’t that sodium bicarbonate? not good for blood pressure?

  10. By: Camp RandD

    Please sell to your fans in Canada! we need high energy foods here up north! Thank you for the video!

  11. By: Visualize630

    when i tryed this, my right nostril began burning 20 minutes in, what might that be from? inflammation?

  12. By: OmegaRiver

    Music has a lot of power too, it build me some high energy chi !

  13. By: OmegaRiver

    Wear helmets guyss !!!! :D

  14. By: facelessfatloss

    My favorite part was when Dr. Cassar collapsed on the right side of the road about 15 seconds after 28:31. (Just kidding…;) Loved this video, I want to be there, it looks like heaven!

  15. By: Rex panter

    Nice video brother.. you make a great impact on many people.
    Very interested in your retreat you were discussing… any information about it?

  16. By: FletcherHabit

    peppermint oil.. hmm

  17. By: Grezzoitalian

    You are a truly blessed individual. I love the energy in this video.
    Thank you for helping to activate the seeker within us all : )

    Peace and blessings….

  18. By: 12caredee21

    20:38-20:51, 21:42-21:50;

  19. By: jamseyp5

    Love this video, would love to visit your retreat too, where are the details?

  20. By: cummings4409

    I wanna live here :)

  21. By: NoraDlist

    Dr.If somebody uses a c-pap mask all night breathing only through the nostrils, does it effect the body in a positive or negative way? Is it the same effect as excercizing with a closed mouth?/*-


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