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A brief look at animal cruelty in this world, and the Final Resistance that opposes this cruelty. The Animal Liberation Front. Disclaimer: ScreamingChickenP is not endorsing any of the tactics or methods used by the Animal Liberation Front or by the Animal Agriculture Industry. This video is to simply to show the viewer why the animal liberation front does what they do. There is no thoery in favor of the ALF invovled in this video, the images speak for themselves. We do not endorse violence in any way, this video just shows you both sides of the issue. While one still exists so to will the other. Come to your own conclusions. Theories in favor of the animal liberation front and aginst animal use can be found at the following websites: Against The Alf But And Against Animal Use: – www.abolitionistapproach.com Supporting the Alf And Against Animal Use: – www.animalliberationfront.com – www.animalliberationpressoffice.org/
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Title: Heaven Shall Burn – Endziet – The Animal Liberation Front

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Added on: October 6th, 2012

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  1. By: thatbolivianchick

    im a vegan as well, and i think people dont make the connection. its the speciest mind.

  2. By: Omegashadowyoshi

    I’m a vegetarian
    Love HSB
    Hate the ALF.

  3. By: biphie

    Sorry but I can’t understand how people can watch this video and still eat meat. I also really like the taste of meat, milk, eggs, … but even though I’m vegan. Don’t you feel guilty when you eat something?!

  4. By: smotito


  5. By: 16Phoenixx16

    WTF… oh mein gott… das geht gar nicht… das gleiche sollte man mit den Menschen machen die so etwas tuen… so ein scheiß

  6. By: wildchildpt

    BTW the slaughter houss are not only bad for the animals, most of their staff are under paid immigrant workers that are given no rights either.

  7. By: wildchildpt

    If you can find any real images of a slaughter house that is civilized i challenge you to post them. There is nothing civilized about killing and any slaughter house that is that is working for the meat industry has objectives to pump meat out to the public and they are driven by profit. Because of that all ethics are thrown out of the window…

  8. By: stilllbornn

    Nope… because it taste to good..^^
    i know 2 people living vegan… i think they die in 30 years..
    so no…

  9. By: stilllbornn

    Why this is not only for +18year old????
    This is brutal…

    But i eat meat :D
    Song is good…. Video is really bad…

  10. By: samsonispro1

    someone should poste some video on how it usually is in a slaughterhouse…
    no offense, but this is not normal
    i am a vegetarian and all but i bet the majority of slaughterhouses is more “civilised”

  11. By: MrLeAdx

    I am vegand and this video show the reason.

  12. By: simplyguys

    i agree god bless all activist !!

  13. By: Owlhousespecial

    whats the point in actuly standing and bashing a pig? i tell you people, the people who own such farms and can do such things, its not a job that has to be done , its a job the evil do and its an uneccessary job. HLS shut them down and these.

  14. By: xxxSallyWinterxxx

    Every time i see that I realize that the human race stucks in the evolution. In the stoneage we needed meat to stay alive…. but nobody has to die by veganism in our millenium. >_>
    Everybody out there screams for democracy… but these society will never be lucky and balanced if nobody take care of the voiceless. I dont wonder… we dont tolerate everyone in our own race… why should we tolerate other races?
    I know why i am vegan… and i know that there are other vegans. So lets Fight!

  15. By: winz666

    i am 2

  16. By: LotteAndHea

    People Have to Realise What we are Doing to Theese Beutiful Animals..

  17. By: britmetal

    ok im going veggie again.

  18. By: tessy9069

    this is why im vegan. the thought of this actually happening every day saddens me to a great extent.

  19. By: ScreamingChickenP


    your not exactly making sense.

    Heaven Shall Burn are all vegan. This vid is in support of veganism…

  20. By: ScreamingChickenP

    I know what you mean.

    don’t destroy anything though.

    If you want to stop this cruelty, take some time and go vegan. Plan vegan meals, look up the issue, watch some of my videos, and tell other people about it.

    Thanks =)

  21. By: Tod14

    i dont want to see such things…
    now i#m full of anger and i want to destray everything.

    I hate to see such things! (Its not, that i dont know whats happening)

    I hope u can understand what i mean. I’m not that good at english.^^

  22. By: 1992KCWolf

    ^_^; Agreed…

  23. By: ScreamingChickenP


    I’m hoping that that ALF is shut down soon – when animal industries are phased out =P

  24. By: 1992KCWolf

    Long Live The Animal Liberation Front!


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