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I demonstrate how to make your own homeade Cold/ Flu Tonics.
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Title: Home Remedies: Mucus Buster

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Added on: September 26th, 2012

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  1. By: shaquithas

    Can u use dill? I have dry dill, I’ve tryed this instead. One whole orange,lemon juice maybe 12 or more tablespoons, 2teaspoons of dill, one whole buble of a beet,half of an onion, 2tblspoons of minced garlic, I blend in a nutribullet n drink.

  2. By: Silvereagle123

    God bless you for posting this on the Internet. For people who are making it for the first time. go easy on the peppermint oil. Its quite potent. She is right that you only need two drops. I can feel that warm glow in my chest when I drink it and the release of the peppermint oil in hot water opened up my nostrils.

  3. By: markmaxs777


  4. By: bb3xhrhj

    taking dietary advice from an obese lady.. seems legit. Don’t drink oil, it’s not healthy. Don’t eat Garlic, it’s toxic.

  5. By: ndinthecity

    Thank you so much for sharing this info! I will try this… ND

  6. By: Chris Garcia

    Your so beautiful!

  7. By: Lizzy6952

    this workd great!!! Though could not find fennel tincher so I use fennel seeds or powder is that ok? and I add ginger and a tiny bit of cayan pepper.

  8. By: Ejahi

    I use:




    Fennel tinture

    Peppermint Oil

  9. By: PhillyCheeseSteak88

    Can you please list the items you used I have no idea what I’m writing down

  10. By: as2gine

    I have a question. I am a local singer (male), so I wanted to ask how to get rid of harden mucus inside my throat. Every time I catch a cold I can’t seem to reach my high notes anymore and getting kind of annoying every time I performed with my friends. I had tried many kinds of ways and one of them was by drinking a lime juice but still doesn’t seems to have an effect. It’s been 3 weeks now and I still haven’t manage to sord it out yet. Any other suggestions? Btw sorry for my bad English.

  11. By: justanks

    Thank you for a simple tonic and honest home delivery.

  12. By: Ejahi

    A friend of mine tried that garlic sock on her toddler and she said it worked great. I totally forgot about that till you reminded me. thanks for the wonder remedies. I will write them down in my notebook.

  13. By: Cbiblical

    you only need one batch and it will do the job…works great…also, rub the bottom of the feet with olive oil then chop lots of garlic and then take a paper towel and fold lengthwise and put the chopped garlic all down the center(lengthwise) and push against bottom of foot and wrap with saran wrap to keep in place, then put on socks. Do this right before bed. This helps lung problems and breathing problems as does Olive Oil mixed with a couple drops of eucalyptus oil and rub on bottom of feet

  14. By: Cbiblical

    Use 2 full garlic bulbs not cloves…this is important…The Russian Penicillin remedy below is one bath per person. Use oranges instead of grapefruit for children, and those on cholesterol medication who are not diabetic, use oranges as well. Honey may be added to the recipe as well, but not for diabetics

  15. By: Cbiblical

    Russian Penicillin will work great for Adults. Very similar to what you made.

    2 Grapefruit (cut into 1/8ths squeeze juice into pot then throw peels into pot)
    2 Lemon (cut into 1/4s, then squeeze juice into same pot and then throw peels into pot too)
    2 Onion (cut in lg chunks)
    2 Whole Garlic Bulbs (chop)
    1/2 t. cayenne pep (90,000 hu’s is best)
    1/2 t. eucalyptus oil(internal kind)

    Add 8 cups of water. Bring to boil, then turn low, simmer for 10 minutes. Drink 1/2 cup every 1/2 hour.

  16. By: Ejahi

    Sorry about your bronchitis hope you are feel well reall soon. I said Fennel Tinture. Fennel is good for Lung Health. Its also aids in digestion but in this case its for the lungs. You can omitt it if you dont have it. The other ingredients are just as good.

  17. By: miguelreye1

    at 2:30 what is that called ? please
    im suffering from bronchitis and want to do this myself :)

  18. By: Ejahi

    Yes by all means sweeten it up a taste. WHen I used it for my daughter I put honey in it. 

  19. By: Ejahi

    The fennel promotes lung health and aids in digestion. But you dont have to use it. I am not familar with the use of medicinal silver. But my guess if you have taken it before for this type of illness then it couldnt hurt.

  20. By: Dollaboy667

    Also, can I add a sweetener like Agave to this? All my Children aint tryna hear this right now.

  21. By: Dollaboy667

    Whats the fennel for? I got everything in my kitchen currently except the fennel. I do have fennel tea bags though, should I boil that and add it? Is the fennel absolutely necessary? Can I add silver to this also?

  22. By: MyAloelicious

    Hi! I just subscribe to your channel hopefully you can do the same. have a wonderful day!

  23. By: Ejahi

    I would do 3 treatments a day till the symptoms subside. Make sure to stay away from dairy till it clears as well. I would say I felt some instant results but really felt it after the 2nd or 3rd treatment.

  24. By: TheRetawes

    Hey thankyou for this remedy! My throat’s been completely covered in mucus ever since I went to Vietnam.I am going to try this tommorow but I need to ask, how many times a day should I drink this and should it take affect immediately?

  25. By: Ejahi

    no problem hope it helps. feel better soon.


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