Jeff Novick MS RD on being vegetarian



Vegan nutritionist Jeff Novick discusses why he went vegetarian. This is an excerpt from the extended interviews of the documentary PROCESSED PEOPLE.
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Title: Jeff Novick MS RD on being vegetarian

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  1. By: ClickHere4AGoodTime

    Bland as fuck? I’m sorry you’re a terrible cook.

  2. By: steadydreamer12

    Love this! Jeff Novick is one of my heroes! Such a nice man, too.

  3. By: FroopieLoopies1

    he kinda sounds like Bob-Cat lol

  4. By: Lelane Strydom

    Processed Foods = Poison

  5. By: MagikarpPwns

    id rather live unhealthy and enjoy my meals, rather than live healthy, be thin as fuck, and have the blandest meals ever… people…. ugggggh

  6. By: 82Bdog

    I’ve already read esslestyn’s book and it’s a great book!

  7. By: kpsmommy123

    @82Bdog and @krisdoce I’d like to share a wonderful resource which clearly explains the damage that all extracted oils causes. It is a book called Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Additionally,The Brachial Tourniquet Test by Dr. Robert Vogel is a clear example of the detrimental effects. The Mediterranean Diet recommendations are often taken from The Lyon Heart Study which has been showcased out of context. 4 years after the study, all participants had cardiac events.

  8. By: valgez1

    Of course, it sounds lame to you – anythings that doesn’t deal with rice eating sounds lame to you you :-) )

  9. By: 82Bdog

    yawn… another lame comment

  10. By: valgez1

    You discovered that I am a troll ? Very high achievement for a carb eater like you ! May be we’ll have a brand new evolution path – intelligence development based on carbs consumption :-)

  11. By: 82Bdog

    Wasn’t sure,but now I know you are just another youtube troll since this argument was over 2 months ago and you came back to say something that makes you sound like a 5th grader. You’re not thinking clearly you should eat some more carbs. Pathetic…

  12. By: valgez1

    That guy, Jeff Novick is a stupido, just like you.

  13. By: 5tonyvvvv

    AGREED! Dairy, Meat, Sugar, and Gluten is POISON!! Its a sad brainwashed stubborn ignorant Society! and The food Industry just makes us fatter!!

  14. By: valgez1

    Well, then you have brain constipation because of eating too much rice, hehe…

  15. By: 82Bdog

    LOL you have no real evidence that man ate “paleo style” either. Their has been more evidence coming out that shows grain consumption went back much further than 10,000 years. I get it though you read a couple of “paleo” books and now you think you got it all figured out. You still don’t know of a population studied that had the lack of disease and lif-expectancy of the okinawans and that’s just one example. The fact that you brought up the eskimos as an example shows your ignorance

  16. By: valgez1

    And, again, you stubbornly put forth your BS ideas. Do you understand English ??? I am telling you NOT about Japan pre and post 1950, I am talking about the historical change in the diet, when humans started developing agriculture. Stop, think it over and them come back with fresh ideas.

  17. By: Lipitorforall

    Because your statements are erroneous and I don’t want others to be led astray by such un-qualified, outlandish claims. It’s said I have to explain that to you – and as such you are not qualified to dictate who is or is not dumb. This is further vindicated by your lack of logic and scientific evidence. A public forum discussion is not necessarily to convince the opponents, but of the readers reading these comments. Understand now?

  18. By: 82Bdog

    there you go again stating b.s. The okinawans before the 1950′s at their healthiest (before becoming westernized) ate very little seafood meat was 5%or less of the diet. You clearly have not looked into this, and yes many japanese are rice eaters, but the okinawans chose mostly sweet potatoes. Yes I can compare life expectancy when the two biggest killers (heart disease and cancer) were almost non-existent in these people.

  19. By: valgez1

    As i said, Life expectancy is irrelevant, you just cannot compare life now and some 30,000 years ago. So, would you just stop using it ??? Also, using Japan as an example of high life expectancy is not in your favor – they eat lots of raw seafood and raw fish – which is a …. Paleo ! raw fish and seafood are contributed to their health and longevity – do your research! The Japanese are not Net Rice eaters! Look further, start questioning what seems obvious to you – because it’s not.

  20. By: Lipitorforall

    It’s sad I have to explain this to you but, in a public forum the purpose is not to be concerned with convincing you of anything…it’s to keep the novices from being duped by your error. I am was not aware that a public environment was supposed to be void of facts and logic. Your pseudo science health information is dangerous to the public and should not go un-challenged in a public forum. And I truly believe that you should return to school and take a class in nutrition and biology.

  21. By: 82Bdog

    had the Most centenarians ever studied. 

  22. By: 82Bdog

    WTF u saying?

  23. By: 82Bdog

    Yes until they got westernized they were much healthier. The okinawans had the centenarians ever studied (65-69% of diet-sweet potatoes). Yes you’re right you can’t convince me because the things you say I have heard before and is very weak and not evidence of anything. You still can’t debunk that the longest-lived pop. all ate starch based diets.

  24. By: valgez1

    1) High children mortality 2) Harsh living conditions 3) No medical care 4) Scarce food (especially in the winter) etc… However, they were much healthier than modern people – don’t take my word, find out yourself. You say Paleo is a propaganda ? How can it be? Agriculture was started just some 10,000 years ago (1% of the history) – Find anthropological studies on the quality of bones and teeth. I know i won’t convince you, but you say is a total BS.


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