Suji Gol Gappe- Hindi with Eng subtitles गोल गप्पे (हिंदी में)



गोल गप्पे (हिंदी में) No shopping in Delhi is complete without these Suji ke gol Gaape and chatpata pani. They are called Pani Puri in Mumbai and Puchka in Kolkata. I have just shown the recipe to make the Gol gappas…the recipe to make chatpata pani will be part of another video. Enjoy this delicious and mouth watering balls with the purity and hygiene of your home.
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Title: Suji Gol Gappe- Hindi with Eng subtitles गोल गप्पे (हिंदी में)

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Added on: September 13th, 2012

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  1. By: mt28jan2012

    pani dhunde rha hai????

    isse bare bharish kum hai sorry sukhe he khaa lo :)

  2. By: mt28jan2012

    pani ko sikhaega teri bhua?????????? :-P

    sorry emotions control nhi hue :)

  3. By: maahigupta81

    Thnx for sharing your thoughts :)

  4. By: Ashima Pant

    awesome….really easy…

  5. By: maahigupta81

    Thnx so much Miss Kaur.

  6. By: Ja Kaur

    nice and simple recipe.

  7. By: maahigupta81

    Thnx so much for watching.
    Hope to see your comments regularly. :)

  8. By: abaileyau

    OMG i watched this also. I can’t even go outside for this now. LOL. It is so nice when someone makes so much effort to teach us to cook. very nice.

    I like Sushma Ji.

  9. By: maahigupta81

    Thnx for writing in.
    Hope you will like the taste of our Gol Gappe recipe.

  10. By: sonamaya321

    wow it seems yummy…..
    i will try it very soon

  11. By: maahigupta81

    Thank you so much. Hope to see more of u in future as well.
    Enjoy Cooking!!!

  12. By: hiddenpearl22

    buhut shukriya zabardast recepie

  13. By: maahigupta81


  14. By: chefnaman

    she is the next big thing..

  15. By: maahigupta81

    You can make Wheat flour Gol gappas.
    I hope you will be able to find wheat flour easily.
    Happy cooking!!!

  16. By: micheeroxxx

    Ok, so it could work? The problem is I cant get suji here :( so gotta find alternatives hehe. Thank you for reply!

  17. By: maahigupta81

    Thnx so much. do share your feedback with us.

  18. By: sangampun

    thanks for your reciepe , i will make it 0ne day for sure …i m tired of eating outside food

  19. By: maahigupta81

    Hmm well.. its is Suji Gol gappas so i would suggest use suji. :)
    if u will use corn flour then you can call them cornflour gol gappe .. :)
    thnx for writing in.

  20. By: micheeroxxx

    what can i use instead of suji? will corn flour do? thank you

  21. By: maahigupta81

    Thnx for writing in. we will surely add the recipe soon.

  22. By: poojajuneja18

    Hey mahi, can we use the same receipt to make atte (whole wheat) ke golgappe? just atta instead of sooji? or is there a diff technique?

  23. By: maahigupta81

    Thnx for writing in.
    It is a complete recipe video. Let me know if you are not able to understand any clip of it.
    Thnx again.

  24. By: 21162541

    where can i find part 2

  25. By: maahigupta81

    Suji is Semolina.


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