FullyRaw Kristina shows you THE REAL V8 JUICE recipe! It’s more delicious and nutritious for you! Share this savory and rich recipe with family and friends: Still drinking packaged juices? What if I told you that even bottled juices such as V8 have artificial flavors and chemicals that are detrimental to your body? My featured recipe is the FullyRaw and REAL V8 JUICE! It’s pure, delicious, and more nutritious for you! I’ve outdone myself on this one! YES, it’s REALLY THAT GOOD! See the recipe here: Ingredients: 5-6 Tomatoes 3-4 Stalks Celery Carrots with Tops (1 Small Bunch) Spinach (Large Handful) Italian Parsley (Large Handful) 1-2 Beets with Tops Optional: Romaine Optional: Watercress Directions: Run all ingredients through a juicer. Strain through a strainer if desiring a smoother juice. Pour into your glass… Enjoy the goodness go down your throat! Say YUM and post your pictures on facebook at Show me your sexy juice mustache! Want to be inspired daily to be FullyRaw? Keep up with Kristina here: Co-op: FullyRaw FullyRaw You Tube Rawfully Organic YouTube: Kristina’s Personal Facebook Page: Kristina’s Bio: Kristina’s Blog: ROC Facebook: Rawfully Organic Twitter: FullyRaw Twitter: Filming & Editing by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and Matt Garza of
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  1. By: GreenBrownGirl


  2. By: redstarrise

    hey I been doing this recipe for a long while.. yay me..not using the pulp is INSANITY.. LOL

  3. By: MissSauro1


  4. By: Lili Shang

    Hugs to you for your approach to going raw!

  5. By: lovelygirl2141

    You have just motivated me to go out and make and drink the “real” V8 juice :D !!!!!

  6. By: lextorite

    I <3 my hurom juicer. I juice 3-4 types of juice EVERYDAY. it is so simple.

  7. By: msa1985

    why would eateing the same things over and over lead to a deficiency? makes no sense unless what you’re eating is deficient.

  8. By: morethansalt

    I love the pulp in my juices. I wonder if I eat too much fiber…

  9. By: sweetie4u

    She doesn’t control the ads that go on her videos, YouTube is in charge of that.

  10. By: CleverDjembe

    You htw0htbjkos you.

  11. By: HybridD91

    It’s obvious from her skin that she will naturally tan (not burn), not to mention that she lives in Texas. What else would you expect, the complexion of Sheamus?

  12. By: HybridD91

    You obviously haven’t had football practice in the summer heat in the Deep South.

  13. By: SyvellaBrantley

    Hey Kristina! Thanks for sharing this great V8 recipe.
    I plan to start juicing soon. However, I was told that I should use something that would keep most of the fruit so that I get more fiber so I a friend referred me to the NutriBullet..have you tried a NutriBullet?

  14. By: CleverDjembe

    Hide from Sun – lose happiness.

    Hide from Sun – you are not one of us healthy & tanned people.

  15. By: Vigilant1776

    Thanks. I’m not 80/10/10 btw. At least half my diet is green stuff, I meant to say that instead of veggies. There are 80/10/10 people that have to deal with hair & teeth loss and have emotional mood swings whereas people who eat more greens like myself are more mellow. Part of my inspiration comes from Victoria Boutenko’s book “Green for Life” and her research about the wild chimpanzee diet. Basically, chimps eat mainly half fruit and half green stuff, few seeds and rarely touch root veggies.

  16. By: ParkLeeNa

    Hahaha, hahaha, hahahahahahahaha. Thanks for that.

  17. By: CleverDjembe

    Olive oil and organic coconut milk and oil can help you put on weight.

  18. By: CleverDjembe

    The Sun is the origin of all life force and energy.

    The Sun makes you healthy, happy and beautiful.

    Sunlight increases your vibrational frequency.

  19. By: bowler180max

    You sound awesome, I want to do raw like you. Now i am just on fruits, mainly bananas. by the way you are 80/10/10, 80% carbohydrates, 10% fat, 10% protein.

  20. By: ParkLeeNa

    Why do you have ad sponsors about chicken receipes from HELLMANS? Way to diluate your message. You really need to make money off this right? Wow.

  21. By: ParkLeeNa

    to take such good care of your nutrition.. and yet to get a tan. foolish.

  22. By: myzzio

    I didn’t see you drink your concoction Kristina. I hate V8 and I was hoping you’d taste it so I could decipher from your initial expression whether you truly enjoyed it.

  23. By: Elaine Perry

    if you used the jack lalane juicer you wouldn’t have to strain

  24. By: CrystallineDreamer

    Juicer, sorry


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